Golestan Province Building School After 2019 Flooding

Golestan Province Building School After 2019 Flooding

Your generosity and our commitment are paying off and the completion of the school is on its way.

Children of Persia is building a school located near the city of Gonbad Kavoos in Golestan as part of our long-term rebuilding efforts after the 2019 Flood Disaster in the Golestan Region. Construction work is about 65% complete and ongoing with the goal to complete before the coming school year in September 2020. This new school will replace the facilities lost to flood in the area. This new school will serve 350 students from four nearby Villages. It will have six classes, a library, administrative offices, and other support spaces.

The school is being built on the site of an existing school in Golestan Province, Town of Gonbad, Village of Ghezeljeh Mati.

The plans are provided by Amoozesh and Parvaresh as the standard for the proposed school size of 550 meters. Nosazy will potentially be providing the basic school equipment (chairs, desks, boards, etc.)

Once the old school is demolished, a multi-purpose space (hall) or Khaneh Behdasht can also be built on the same site as a separate project.

COP Board approved the project on August 12-13, 2019.

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