Children of Persia’s Orphan Care Program

Children of Persia’s Orphan Care Program

Zahedan Centers

We continue our support of the three centers in Sistan and Baluchestan (Emam Mojtaba, Havva, and Fereshtegan Zeinabi).  We are committed to supporting them initially for one calendar year (starting in January) which we evaluate at the end of the year for the next year.  

Haava Center for girls over 12 years old

Number of girls: 9 (in 1398 they had 7 children only)
Number of staff: 4 (Manager / psychologist, Mrs. Mir; a social worker; a care worker, a cook)

The girls are aged 12 to 21, all of them come from very difficult, troubled backgrounds; destitution, abuse, drugs, …

Before entering Haava center all the girls had dropped out of the education system, 3of the older girls were illiterate.

Fereshtegan Zainabi center for children aged 3 to 6

Number of children: 10
Number of staff: 6 (a Manager / psychologist, Ms. Samaneh Pirkamali; a social worker; a psychologist; four care workers)

The children 7 girls and 3 boys, all have finished pre-school will be learning at 1st grade in the coming year.

Hassan Mojtaba center for boys aged 7 and above

Number of boys: 16
Number of staff: 8 (a Manager, Mr. Azim Janabadi; a social worker; a psychologist; two care workers; a cook; a driver; an accountant)

Bachehaye Ma 

We continue our support for Bachehaye Ma in Kerman as they move into expanding their program outlines last year to accept children under 4.  We funded the center operations with a $10,000 donation last year (1398/2019).

These funds were used to partially pay the cost of running Bachehaye Ma’s children’s homes. 

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