Our Mission

Our mission

Help disadvantages Iranian Children and their Families in Iran and around the world regardless of their religion, political or ethical background.

Our philosophy

We apply a holistic approach to evaluating and promoting the well-being of a CHILD within his or her own environment by contributing to projects in Education, Health and Social Services.

We believe every child has a right to SMILE!!!

Our PROMISE to our Donors

  • Act Responsibility and Ethically.
  • Treat all people we help with Respect and Dignity they deserve.
  • Transparent about the work we do and how we do it.
  • Achieve demonstrable impact

Through the acceptance of individual, family, business, and corporate contributions, Children of Persia:

  • Identifies and evaluates specific projects
  • Determines the legitimacy, extent, and details of needed assistance
  • Develops plans to meet identified needs and implements the delivery of services

To ensure full implementation of project goals, the Children of Persia Board of Directors has established a Project Management Committee in Iran. The members of this Committee are volunteers who lend their time and expertise to implementing the organization’s mission on a grass-roots level. This Committee is directly accountable to the Board of Directors.

Realizing the importance of good conduct and honesty, Children of Persia conducts its activities based on an adopted a Code of Conduct.


Children of Persia is managed by a dedicated Board of Directors and Officers, who volunteer their time, effort, and knowledge toward the fulfillment of the organization’s mission. Our members come from diverse backgrounds and have years of expertise and experience in legal, financial, medical, and technical professions, as well as academic and social services fields.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Mahnaz Motevalli- Chair
Katayoon Shaya- President
Kambiz Fakhrai- Finance
Shiva Davoodpour- US & Global Programs
Farideh Jahanbin, US & Global Projects
Laya Kahnamoui, Programs & Projects in Iran
Ali Zinat, Public Relations

Katayoon Shaya- President
Shiva Davoodpour- Vice-President
Arezoo Shekarchi- Secretary
Tahereh Fazel- Treasurer

Honorary Board Members

Yekta Ala
Dr. and Mrs. M.R. Alijani
Dr. And Mrs. Masoud Nemati
Dr. and Mrs. Ali Sanai
Jila Fouladi
Nooshin Noshirvani
Rana Kahnamoui
Rosa Fakhrai
Farnaz Vaez Zadeh
Reza Vaez Zadeh

Advisory Council

Advisory Council

Goli Fassihian
Brian Oliner, Esq.
Iman Huschmand
Keihan Sedghi
Ben ShamsAzar
Eric Ferrari, Esq.

Committee Chairs/Co-Chairs

Committee Chairs/co-Chairs

Guita Irani
Shohreh Porsaid
Morteza Porsaid
Sima Jafari
Reza Jafari
Farbod Fakhrai
Soheila Rostami

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Children of Persia Structured?

Children of Persia is composed of a Board of Directors, Officers and Chairpersons. The Board of Directors manages the overall affairs of the corporation, and ultimately determines the projects to be implemented. Board members are elected for five-year terms.

Officers are elected for a three-year term Board of Directors.  These include the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and immediate former President.

The President prepares the agenda for, presides at, and conducts all meetings of the organization; signs all contracts and agreements in the name of the Corporation after they have been approved by the Board; normally serves as the representative of the Corporation in meetings and discussions with other organizations and agencies.

The Vice-President performs the duties of the President if the President is unable to do so or absent; perform such other tasks as may be assigned by the Board; and, at the request of the President, assists in the performance of the duties of the President.

The Secretary keeps accurate records and minutes of all meetings of the Corporation; makes available copies of the minutes of the previous meetings; maintains the current listing, with phone numbers and addresses, of the Directors at the office of the Corporation.

The Treasurer keeps accurate books and records of the finances of the Corporation and assists the finance committee to prepare a financial accounting for each Board meeting.

Other Officers appointed by the Board shall: perform such duties as may be specified by the Board or by officers given authority over them.

Is Children of Persia a non profit organization?

Children of Persia is a non-profit organization under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code with a valid OFAC license to send funds to its Iran projects.  All donations to Children of Persia are tax deductible, per U.S. law regarding non-profit organizations.

Are my contributions tax deductible?

Yes.  As a non-profit, tax-exempt 501 C(3) organization, all donations to Children of Persia made by U.S. residents are tax-exempt.

Is Children of Persia affiliated or associated with any government?

Children of Persia has no affiliations with any governmental, religious, political, or secular  organization.

Who funds Children of Persia?

Children of Persia is funded by financial donations from generous supporters all over the world, including those of its board members and officers.

How will my donation be distributed in Iran?

Children of Persia’s lead for Programs & Projects in Iran visits Iran regularly throughout the year and oversees the activities of the group of non-governmental organizations that have been selected to collaborate with and has been approved by OFAC.

Do you provide summer internships in Iran?

Yes.  In cooperation with our partner NGO’s in Iran, we can provide for those who are interested to volunteer/intern in Iran.

Are there any volunteer opportunities in Iran?

If you are living in Iran, you could contact our Board members in Iran. Please contact us in this regard and we will gladly provide you with the specific information.

Currently we are looking for volunteers to help at the medical clinic we are constructing in Sistan & Baluchistan.  We also have opportunities in Tehran.

How can medical professionals help Children of Persia?

We have need of individuals in any healthcare-related field to volunteer their time and expertise.  This includes doctors, dentists, nurses, public health officials, and even students in these fields.  In Iran: we have opportunities for volunteering at our medical clinic in Sistan & Baluchistan province, and for our Street & Working children program in Karaj.

In the US: we have opportunities in helping to assess medical cases referred from Iran, facilitate transfer of pediatric patients from Iran to US for medical care, provide volunteer services at our Community Health Fair held each spring.

Does Children of Persia comply with OFAC regulations?

Yes.  Children of Persia is in complete compliance with the OFAC regulations.  Children of Persia has a valid OFAC license for all its projects in Iran until September 2017.

Children of Persia’s Code of Conduct

Preamble:  Children of Persia is a non-governmental organization, established in 1999.  Its mission is to provide health care, education, and related facilities that promote the well-being of needy children of Iran.  Believing that one should exercise good conduct and honesty, Children of Persia has adopted this following Code of Conduct.

I.Guiding Principals:

a. The humanitarian mission of the organization comes first.

b.  Assistance is provided regardless of the race, creed, nationality,gender, sex, religious affiliation, political viewpoint, or age of the recipient and without adverse distinction of any kind.

c.   Assistance is not provided to further any particular religious or political viewpoint.

d.   The organization shall make all reasonable efforts not to act as an instrument of any government’s foreign policy.

e.  Assistance programs shall be developed to involve the aid recipients and local community in the process, delivery, and provision of such assistance.

f.   The organization shall make all reasonable efforts to develop assistance programs that will reduce future vulnerabilities.

g.   The organization holds itself accountable to both our donors and those we seek to assist.

h.  Those whom we seek to assist shall be treated as dignified human beings.

i.    The organization shall respect culture and custom.

j.    Officers, Directors and Volunteers of the organization shall demonstrate high moral standards and avoid an appearance of impropriety or conflict of interest.

k.   The organization shall seek to take all reasonable steps to promote a civil society and support of the rule of law.

II. Core Documents

a.  Children of Persia supports the guidelines established by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for meeting the needs of refugees, especially those for the protection of women and children.

b.   Children of Persia supports the core principals established by the United Nations Inter-Agency Standing Committee relating to the prevention of sexual exploitation of women and children.

c.   Children of Persia, in the development of its mission and programs, embraces the philosophy and spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

d.   Children of Persia recognizes, supports and incorporates the principals of the Code of Conduct of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

III.Relationship with Others

a.   The activities and programs Children of Persia undertakes are prompted by our responsibility to the people we serve.  We respect the dignity of the people in need of assistance.  Where possible we will work with and through the resources of the local community, including local non-governmental organizations.  We will strive to achieve full community participation in our assistance programs.  Our programs will strive to effectuate a long-term plan for assistance to relieve the possibilities of future vulnerability.

b.   All of Children of Persia’s activities shall reflect an attitude of openness and transparency.  We hold ourselves accountable to our donors and beneficiaries, from both a financial perspective and program effectiveness perspective.  Our programs and operations will be based upon the highest standards of professionalism and expertise.

c.    We will strive to work in partnership with others, including non-governmental organizations, that share Children of Persia’s mission and respect the guiding principals and core documents upon whichChildren of Persia has developed this Code of Conduct.

IV.Responsibility of Children of Persia’s Officers, Directors and Volunteers

a.  Officers, Directors and Volunteers of Children of Persia shall not enjoy any profit or receive any pecuniary gain in return for the service they offer to Children of Persia, its activities or programs.

b.   Officer, Directors and Volunteers of Children of Persia shall not solicit or accept gifts, goods, or any form of gratification for services provided or to be provided by virtue of his/her position in or association withChildren of Persia.

c.    Officers, Directors and Volunteers of Children of Persia should avoid using their positions or any information made available to them in the course of their duties to benefit themselves, their relations or any other person with whom they have personal and social ties.  They should avoid putting themselves in a position that may lead to an actual or perceived conflict of interest with Children of Persia.

d.   Officers, Directors and Volunteers of Children of Persia, while carrying out their official responsibilities, shall not have relations with any particular interest group.

e.   Officers, Directors and Volunteers of Children of Persia shall in performance of his/her duties and functions be accountable to Children of Persia for the works carried out by him/her or on his/her behalf.

f.     Officers, Directors, Volunteers shall abide by all laws and regulations, including those laws and regulations administered by the United States Office of Foreign Assets Control.

V. Compliance with the Code of Conduct

a.  It is the personal responsibility of every Officer, Director and Volunteer of Children of Persia to understand and comply with the Code of Conduct.

b.  Any Officer, Director or Volunteer of Children of Persia who violates any provision of the Code of Conduct will be subject to disciplinary action.  Such violation to be reported to the Board of Directors, who shall decide what, if any, action should be taken.

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